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And we're in favor of optimal, because you and your husband

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Then take it like your life depends on it. The next step might include both extra healing time and switching to another statin drug to see if your calf trouble disappears. Dr. Just like the rest of us.Q: My 20-year-old daughter has had granuloma annulare for two years. What's a normal blood pressure for someone his age? - Anita, AustraliaA: It's typical to experience a gradual rise in blood pressure as you age, especially once you've been around for six or seven decades. If your CPK is up there, get your sports doc and your family doc together.We have a more aggressive rule of thumb: We like to see blood pressure as low as you can get it without keeling over. Even though the condition is harmless, the bumps aren't pretty and often are mistaken for ringworm, a contagious fungal infection.Most cases disappear on their own within two years, but your daughter's spots sound pretty stubborn. However, we've got a different theory about your calf: Perhaps a month isn't long enough for your muscle pulls to heal. It does. The American Heart Association's target is under 140/90 if you're 65 to 79, and a top number (systolic pressure) of 140 to 145 if you're 80 or older. Mike's is 115/75; Mehmet's blood pressure stays around 110/75. Is there anything she can do to get rid of these spots? - Lynn, via emailA: The rings of red bumps called granuloma annulare are no picnic, especially for a 20-year-old woman (and young women and girls are its favorite targets).Just be aware that like that granuloma annulare is like Newt Gingrich's presidential ambition: It has a penchant for recurring, sometimes years later. I get into a good rhythm of running about 20 miles a week, but then pull a muscle that takes a month to heal.Q: My husband is 72.. The treatments with the fewest side effects include:» steroid creams or corticosteroid injections;» cryotherapy, which involves freezing the bumps with liquid nitrogen to remove them and stimulate new skin cell growth;» psoralen, a drug that makes the skin extra-receptive to ultraviolet rays combined with medical exposure to ultraviolet A light. After age 80, it can lower your stroke risk by 30 percent and your odds of heart failure by 64 percent. Notice we said typical. We wish everyone were this tuned in. We recommend seeing a sports medicine specialist, and then doing everything the nice doc tells you to do. - Dan, via emailA: Congrats on being aware of your drug's possible side effects. Or it could be a grade 3 micro-tear, a complete rupture. If that's not enough to get your husband's blood pressure in the optimal range (yours, too), talk to your doc about adding medication. The typical person dies fiber pigtail of heart disease or stroke. You could have what sports medicine docs call grade 2 micro-tears, meaning a partial tearing of the muscle fibers in your calf. A normal blood pressure makes you younger. A grade 2 injury can take two months to heal; a grade 3, three months or more.Q: Could the frequent muscle pulls in my calf be attributed to taking Zocor? I've heard that it and other cholesterol-lowering statin drugs can cause muscle pain in some people. And we're in favor of optimal, because you and your husband aren't typical; you're exceptional. Like all our readers!Yet after 70, only one in three men and one in four women have healthy blood pressure. They're usually seen on the extremities and often are associated with diabetes or thyroid disease, but they can pop up anywhere on the body and are quite common in healthy people. Optimal is 115/75.There are more causes for micro-tears than there are TV reality shows, including worn-out footwear, having one leg shorter than the other (which is very common) and simple overexertion. Since the spots where it likes to erupt are usually exposed to the sun, your daughter should always apply plenty of sunscreen before heading outdoors. Join our club! Your blood pressure is quite responsive to lifestyle changes, such as keeping your weight in check, staying physically active and not smoking. No other muscles hurt anywhere in my body. Not healthy. That might include getting your blood tested for raised levels of creatine phosphokinase, which sometimes indicates muscle damage. Not optimal, not normal.

My father had the same thing in the

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If you goPianist Misha Dichter is soloist for the National Philharmonic season openerWhere: 3 p. Music Web International named it the Record of the Year. 1" and his "Choral Fantasy" featuring the National Philharmonic Chorale and six guest soloists. 13" (Babi Yar) at New York's Museum of Jewish Heritage."Seven weeks after the surgery and undergoing a period of therapy, Dichter was playing normally. The first time I called him, it was like a bad movie script. Over a period of time, the fibers of the hand begin to contract down.m. "My father had the same thing in the '50s and they botched the repair. The first doctor I contacted said to wait and see what happened, so I dropped him.But by then, Dichter realized his right hand was not functioning the way he liked. This inherited condition is especially devastating to musicians, artists and anyone whose career depends on unrestricted use of the hands. The problem was Dupuytren's contracture of the small finger.)nationalphilharmonic. fiber patch cord 4' at Chicago, and realized I couldn't play it as I would have liked.In 2005, Dichter and his wife, Cipa, his piano duo partner, released their three-CD album of Mozart's complete piano works. He especially looks forward to learning and performing many works that have evaded him during his busy career.."Until then, I'd rationalized like crazy, but that told me I must do something about the problem.

They are of different sizes and the control

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Industrial Jewels is a reputable company with a relatively large employee base and there manufacturing prowess is extended to serve different industries across the globe. Their products are made of hard and durable materials such as sapphire, ruby, optical glass and ceramic.They make sapphire windows with synthetic sapphire and the transmission range of this window is quite wide.

They are used in the place of silicon substrates to reduce device capacitance and as such, they boost their performance. Ruby insulators are also among the product line and they will serve the electro magnetic insulation need.The jewel bearings that they make are unparalled when it comes to achieving low friction, ability to put up with harsh conditions as well as durability.

The durability is also commendable especially considering the fact that its application is scratch resistance and the transmission is necessary for a wide spectrum most likely in space technology.It is also a premium source of premium sapphire balls. It features some of the most comprehensive range of this product.

They are of different sizes and the control of quality is up to the mark to make sure that they are not faulty. They are meant for use in mechanical, optical and industrial applications.The demand for insulators is currently on the rise ad the choice that one makes depends sorely on the application. Sapphire insulators are intended for the applications with a radiation sensitive nature.

Some are half balls and they take pride in being one of the leading manufacturers with such kind of technology. They are ideal for fiber optic applications as lenses. They are also experts in ruby ball and glass balls that have a number of applications. They have great precision instruments to ensure that the end product is appealing to the customer and is ideal for whatever the application it is meant for. Glass balls lens are also among the range of products that they have.

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