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They are of different sizes and the control

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Industrial Jewels is a reputable company with a relatively large employee base and there manufacturing prowess is extended to serve different industries across the globe. Their products are made of hard and durable materials such as sapphire, ruby, optical glass and ceramic.They make sapphire windows with synthetic sapphire and the transmission range of this window is quite wide.

They are used in the place of silicon substrates to reduce device capacitance and as such, they boost their performance. Ruby insulators are also among the product line and they will serve the electro magnetic insulation need.The jewel bearings that they make are unparalled when it comes to achieving low friction, ability to put up with harsh conditions as well as durability.

The durability is also commendable especially considering the fact that its application is scratch resistance and the transmission is necessary for a wide spectrum most likely in space technology.It is also a premium source of premium sapphire balls. It features some of the most comprehensive range of this product.

They are of different sizes and the control of quality is up to the mark to make sure that they are not faulty. They are meant for use in mechanical, optical and industrial applications.The demand for insulators is currently on the rise ad the choice that one makes depends sorely on the application. Sapphire insulators are intended for the applications with a radiation sensitive nature.

Some are half balls and they take pride in being one of the leading manufacturers with such kind of technology. They are ideal for fiber optic applications as lenses. They are also experts in ruby ball and glass balls that have a number of applications. They have great precision instruments to ensure that the end product is appealing to the customer and is ideal for whatever the application it is meant for. Glass balls lens are also among the range of products that they have.

transceivers that swappable and easy to deploy

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By using high quality raw materials and with our advanced manufacturing equipment as well as our skilled workers, we are able to provide first class SFP GE Z transceivers. Every piece of the SFP is tested during production with original Cisco equipment to make sure of the compatibility. We have the SFP GE Z transceivers in stock and we supply them at very good rateCisco SFP GE Z is a 1000Base SFP with digital optical monitoring function. This SFP is used on 1000Base ZX applications. All of our SFP GE-Z transceivers are tested in-house prior to shipping to insure that they will arrive in perfect physical and working condition.

Working wavelength of this SFP is 1550nm. We supply the Cisco SFP GE Z equivalent transceivers that are competitive prices and 100% Cisco compatible.They are hot swappable and easy to deploy or maintain.Ingellen is a leading manufacturer and supplier of SFP GE-Z transceivers. We have a large quantity of SFP GE-Z transceivers in stock and can ship the SFP GE-Z transceivers to you within 24 hours.

We guarantee the SFP GE-Z transceivers to work in your system and all of our SFP GE-Z transceivers come with a lifetime advance replacement warranty. SpecificationsProduct Number: SFP GE-ZProduct Name: Cisco 1000Base-ZX SFPManufacturer: IngellenForm Factor: Plug-in moduleDevice Type: Transceiver moduleProduct Type: SFPData Rate: 1GbpsWavelength: 1550nmDatarange: 70kmConnector Type: LC DuplexCable Type: Single-Mode Fiber (SMF)LabelingIngellen LabelsSpecific Labels as RequestNo LabelsPackagingAnti-static bagPalletizingRetail Box with Ingellen BrandRetail Box with customer’s BrandRetail Box without any BrandThe SFP GE Z fiber optic transceiver is a small form module that could fit into the ports on the switches or routers and other equipment, linking them to optical fiber networks. It works over single mode fiber for a max 70km to 100km range.

In fact, this is the natural form that Zinc takes and it has

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Aside from the popular comparison between Germanium and silicon windows, Zinc Selenide and Zinc Sulfide are two other compounds serving as base for optical windows, which happen to be often debated. So let us take a closer look into their properties before we jump to other major issues associated to optical products.


In fact, this is the natural form that Zinc takes and it has some quite interesting physical properties! When extracted from the mineral called Sphalerite, it looks all black and dirty, full of impurities.


Zinc Selenide is a compound with a solid state and yellowish shade, that is extremely difficult to find in nature, and whose main resources reside inside the Stilleite, a mineral. Some of its main features are the capacity of acting as a semiconductor and the band gap set around 2.70 eV when enjoying a 25-Celsius degree temperature.Its name is often replaced with the short form of ZnSe and whenever combined with chromium, we are talking about ZnSe:Cr, a compound successfully used as gain medium infrared laser and emitting around the threshold of 2.4 m. When used as optical material for controlling infrared fascicles, it has surprising effects as it transmits any wavelength in between 0.45 and 21.5 m. Specialists consider it a good resource for creating diode lasers or light emitting diodes and the light that it generates has a blue shade.


ZnSe is known in particular for its utility in building laser systems based on carbon dioxide, since it has an impressive thermal shock resistance and a low coefficient of absorption.


As opposed to our first topic of discussion for today, Zinc Sulfide, which is also an inorganic material, is much easier to find in nature.

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