These splitters are used for devices that require a higher fidelity. For instance, DVI splitters are intended to connect one computer to multiple monitors. This way, the entire audience will have complete access to the information on the speaker's computer fiber patch panel screen. It can come in handy in bars, restaurants, gyms, clubs, sports venues, malls, conference centers, learning centers and more. The need for video splitting is endless!

For instance, if a person is presenting to a large conference center that's equipped with many monitors, the speaker can connect their personal computer to all of the monitors via a DVI splitter.

Overall, video and A/V splitters can be a great investment for many business owners, educators, party planners, and security personnel.

In addition, if a sports venue is screening a game on multiple screens in the concession area of the venue, an HDMI video splitter would come in handy.

The ability to broadcast the same image to multiple screens in real-time provides endless possibilities. A DVI port is a grid-looking port on the side of your laptop or tower.Have you ever seen a DVI port and wondered, "what does this do?" If you're thinking you've never seen a DVI port, then you probably just don't know what it looks like. Thus, what you see on the computer will be transmitted to a television screen. Look into purchasing a video splitter today!

So if you own a bar that's equipped with five HD monitors, you can screen a football game on all five monitors through one cable box and still maintain the quality of the picture by using an HD-SDI splitter. On the other hand, HDMI and HD-SDI splitters are intended to connect multiple monitors to a cable box, DVR, DVD, or Blu Ray. Not only would fans be able to view the game from multiple stations in the concession area, but they would splicing closure be able to hear real-time audio from the game via an A/V splitter. DVI ports are used to connect computers to video connectors. This is done through DVI video splitters. Furthermore, a computer can be connected to multiple screens at the same time, with each screen mirroring what appears on the computer's monitor in real-time.