There are several simple steps that must be completed when connecting a coaxial wire to a television socket. At the same time, the coaxial cable is able to remain protected from electromagnetic interference. If you are still feeling a bit confused or overwhelmed by the process, however, you might want to consider taking an electrical course where you can get hands on experience with doing this type of electrical work. After you have done it in the classroom, you will certainly feel comfortable doing it again at home. The electrical signals are sent through the wire at the center of the cable and this wire is kept separate from the mesh wire with the help of an insulator. Nonetheless, if you want to connect an aerial to your television, you will need to make the connection with a coaxial cable.Connecting coaxial wire to a television socket is a relatively simple process. The wire on the outside is the earth for the cable and is responsible for protecting the cable from electromagnetic interference. Yet, it can cause some difficulty if you are not sure what you are doing.

Therefore, the most important part of connecting the cable to a television socket is to keep the wires separate from each other. These include:

Close the sleeves around fiber pigtail the outer sleeve,Hold the male plug against the wire clamp and cut the inner sleeve at the point where the plug reaches.Remove the majority of the insulation from splicing closure the inner core, leaving only 2 mm to go inside of the plug.

By following these instructions, you can create an aerial splitter that is capable of intercepting the main cable and splitting the signal in two ways and to two different televisions.