Pneumatic equipment, unlike other types of equipment, runs on the power of compressed air instead of electricity. This means that a piece of pneumatic equipment which performs a similar function as one that runs on electricity requires an entirely different set of components for it to be controlled.If you use low quality valves, the chances that they will malfunction are high, and this can cause large losses in terms of repair costs as well as profits lost out on due to the downtime.Crouzet Optical SensorsOne aspect of automation that many people never think about is just how machines are made to act in such perfect order without having any of the senses that we humans rely on so heavily to interact with the world around us. 

In order to assemble a proper pneumatic system, you will need specialized components like Koganei pneumatic valves and Crouzet optical sensors.Koganei Pneumatic ValvesDirectional control valves allow operators to start and stop the flow of compressed air to a particular component and also change the direction of the flow of air. These valves are necessary because there would otherwise be no way to start and stop pneumatic equipment. With regular electric equipment, turning them on and off simply involves turning the supply of electricity on or off. With pneumatic equipment, however, the supply of air from the compressed air generator is constant. Thus, without pneumatic valves, the equipment would constantly be operating.

In fact, however, pneumatic machines do have senses of a sort. These are provided by sensors such as fiber optics sensors, which serves as the machinesa€? a€eyesa€.Optical sensors work on a relatively basic principle. Each sensor consists of two main parts a€ a light emitter and a light receiver. Depending on the particular type of sensor, the sensor could be designed to sense either the absence or presence of light. For example, a sensor might be installed so that the light emitter on one side constantly emits light that is received by the receiver on the other side. When an object passes between the emitter and receiver, the light is disrupted and this tells the machine that an object is there. This allows machines to function with a minimum of human interference and guidance, making automated processes more effective. Maximizing EfficiencyWith the right pneumatic components, like Koganei pneumatic valves and Crouzet optical sensors, you can better maximize the efficiency of your pneumatic equipment and system, reducing downtime and allowing processes to be completed faster.

Also, with pneumatic systems, the compressed air needs to be at a certain pressure before work can be done. That pressure cannot be achieved immediately, and it takes some time for the pressure within the system to build to a point where the equipment can be used. Given that pneumatic valves play such an important role in the effective functioning of the system, it is essential that you only use the highest quality valves in your system, as this will ensure that the valves function properly and do not leak air or become jammed.