Have you figured out a melodious music score and want to sharing with others? Besides you can sharing your work via PDF files, there is a better way: show your musical work on a page flipping magazine.

When others read your musical magazine online, they will be impressed and attracted by your creation which has a user-friendly reading interface: turning pages, easy zoom, share etc.

If you check the link above, you will get a virtual musical ebook with staff, lyrics and audio embedded, so that readers can view staff while listen to music. Just see what the advantages of show music on flipping magazines are:Every time when we are listening music, it delivers us infinite pleasures. Many pre-designed templates are provided for musicians to customize the magazines buttons, bookmarks and etc. To publish your musical magazines on web, Facebook or blog, musicians can share their masterpieces with worldwide people. The Flash flipping musical magazine can be shared offline with band members for a fiber pigtail rehearsal.violump. The music ebook of mobile version can also be used to reach your audience who are surfing via iPad, iPhone, Android devices etc.

5. Take your time to share your songs with music works, you will get more fans and followers. For others to get more information, a hyperlink can be embedded for more great music works. Musicians can splice tray set music for each chapter or each page accordingly. Anyone can download it freely for one-month free trial, and there is no watermark on the page flipping magazine. With assistance of Kvisoft page flip software, you can breezily turn a PDF ebook into Flash page turning musical ebooks. It is easy to be creative in sharing your masterpieces!

Staff, lyrics and images can be inserted into musical magazine. If they thought the words are too small for a see, they can easily zoom in or zoom out to adjust the font size.de/Daten/Webbooks/Le Ballon/. Better known as a flipping magazine, it also has a visual name music ebooks. Click Share button, readers can share this music ebook with others on Facebook, LinkedIn, Dig and other social networks. Very interactive! When users turn to one page, they can view the staff and the music will automatically play.

Music seems like mother's hands, when we are in pain, it brings us warmth; when we are in trouble, and it sends us calmness. Musical magazine has bewitching and real page turning effect.