Industrial Jewels is a reputable company with a relatively large employee base and there manufacturing prowess is extended to serve different industries across the globe. Their products are made of hard and durable materials such as sapphire, ruby, optical glass and ceramic.They make sapphire windows with synthetic sapphire and the transmission range of this window is quite wide.

They are used in the place of silicon substrates to reduce device capacitance and as such, they boost their performance. Ruby insulators are also among the product line and they will serve the electro magnetic insulation need.The jewel bearings that they make are unparalled when it comes to achieving low friction, ability to put up with harsh conditions as well as durability.

The durability is also commendable especially considering the fact that its application is scratch resistance and the transmission is necessary for a wide spectrum most likely in space technology.It is also a premium source of premium sapphire balls. It features some of the most comprehensive range of this product.

They are of different sizes and the control of quality is up to the mark to make sure that they are not faulty. They are meant for use in mechanical, optical and industrial applications.The demand for insulators is currently on the rise ad the choice that one makes depends sorely on the application. Sapphire insulators are intended for the applications with a radiation sensitive nature.

Some are half balls and they take pride in being one of the leading manufacturers with such kind of technology. They are ideal for fiber optic applications as lenses. They are also experts in ruby ball and glass balls that have a number of applications. They have great precision instruments to ensure that the end product is appealing to the customer and is ideal for whatever the application it is meant for. Glass balls lens are also among the range of products that they have.